Principals:, Mgr. Art. Martin Uhrík, PhD,

SUA atelier has been established in a year 2009 as successor of 4x4atelier. We are offering wide range of architectural as well as real estate activities for our partners. The architectural practice ranges from small design projects to urban zone studies. We invest to research of economic and social aspect of being architect. Our interest into marketing, financing and other aspect that are usually marginalized by architects. Another baseline of our practice is focused on ecology and novel use of digital technology in architecture. We offer complete service for project works as well as for obtaining permits. Our work is located not only In Bratislava region. We offer, together with our partners, same services in regions of Košice, Prešov, Žilina and Banská Bystrica.

Selected Projects

• UHRÍK, M., A KOL. , DUNA Bird watching station, Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber, FASTU + BAS, Kalinkovo.
• Poolwalk – Luxurious pool covers. Design and prototyping. 2012-2015 www.poolwalk.eu
• UHRÍK, M.,A KOL. ,Building and demolishing / La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale Sessions, Venetia, Italy.
• Public swimming area a Zlaté Piesky, Phase II – Entrance, Bratislava Slovakia.
• Public swimming Rosnička, sanitary facilities, Bratislava Slovakia.
• Designing národného stánku SACR pre obdobie 2013/2014,collaboration Sadilková S.
• Public swimming area a Zlaté Piesky, Phase I – The beach, Bratislava Slovakia.
• Signeage and navigation system Banská Štiavnica.

• Teren House, painter studio, Mierovo, Slovakia
• Reconstruction Villa Wieger, Sv. Jur pri Bratislave
• Stage design Telecom Xsmas 2013, Incheba Bratislava
• Family house Ypsilon, Kopanice, Slovakia
• Telecom Beach , Bratislava sand beach and wooden shelters Danube 8000 sqm
• Stage design Telecom Xsmas 2012, Incheba Bratislava
• T-com Beach FOLD, Bratislava sand beach and wooden shelters Danube 8000 sqm
• T-com Beach, Bratislava sand beach and wooden shelters Danube 8000 sqm.
• Culture house , Banská Štiavnica conversion of historical building. 4000 sqm.
• Magio Beach sand beach and wooden shelters on bank of Danube, Bratislava 6000 sqm.
• Sport and health centrum DaVinci Košice cca 8000 sqm. - project
• Polifunctional urban furniture PLATFORMA Košice
• Apartment House Kvetná street, Bratislava cca 2000 sqm.
• Exhibition Slovak National Galery Forma nasleduje... risk
• project and comission of Cinema revitalization in Malacky SK
• competition Petržalka City – Transformation of Metablock Bratislava, SK, AERO
• Housing project, Na vyhliadke Devínska nová ves
• Project and Commission of Bakery production and shopping facilities
• Set of private housing projects
• project and comission of Postproduction House 727, Bratislava SK
• project and comission of Design Floor Studio, Bratislava SK Stage design of Spaceship for TV advertisement
• project and comission, Art School Malacky, SK,
• project and comission of Historical Courtyard Modra, SK, FVA
• project and comission of exhibition FOA, Brartislava SK, ARTMISIA
• project House Dubravka SK, AERO //
• Housing Project Slanec, Bratislava SK, FVA
• Housing project L.E.S, Bratislava SK, AERO
• Workshop Dubrovnik – Disturbed City, Croatia
• Exhibition project MEGABALAST, MEGA, Wiena, A
• Competition LONDRA embassy of CR in London, KSA, FVA
• Competition Award, Dry Smichov Venice – Island of Towers, Europan 6 Prague

Bio Personal

Martin Uhrík

1977 Martin, SK
• lives and works in Bratislava
2009 partner SUA architecture
2007 partner 4x4atelier
2007 lecturer Department of Ecology and Experimental Architecture FA STU
2001-2006 lecturer Department of Theory FA STU
• PhD. Diploma Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava SK
2004 DC/m Studio, New York City, USA 2003-2004
1999-2001 Fulbright scholarship, School of Architecture and Preservation Columbia University, New York NY, USA 1999-2001
• Master of Art Diploma Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, SK